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AMS Bowfishing Big Game Floats

AMS Bowfishing Big Game Floats

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See exactly where that big trophy heads after a successful shot with these handy Big Game Floats from AMSBowfishing®. This easy-to-use two-piece system simply screws into the stabilizer bushing on a bow. The float seats onto the shaft and attaches to your line. Float pulls off the shaft when the fish pulls all of the line out, giving you a nice visible indicator to follow to get your fish! Lightweight float system is durable to work in the toughest conditions. Match float size to the size of your preferred prey and water conditions.

  • See where the fish goes after a successful shot
  • Two piece system
  • Shaft screws into stabilizer bushing on bow
  • Float sits on shaft and pulls off at the end of the line
  • Lightweight and durable
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