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AMS Bowfishing Safety Slide System

AMS Bowfishing Safety Slide System

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Prevent arrow snapback when bowfishing with the proven AMSBowfishing® Safety Slide® System. Tougher, impact-resistant materials have reduced the weight of the Safety Slide System by 30% for longer life. Slide holds fishing string in front of the arrow rest during draw and release, preventing any possibility of the fishing line tangling with the bowstring! After the release, the slide moves back on the arrow to the shock pad and stop screw without affecting arrow flight. Strong system does not skimp on strength, having pulled in game fish over 300 lbs! System is recommended for arrow speeds of 145 fps or less. Quick and easy to install. Self cleaning design thanks to special splines on the inside of the slide.

  • Safety system prevents deadly arrow snapback
  • Materials are stronger and lighter than previous Safety Slide System
  • Holds fishing string in front arrow rest during draw and release
  • Keeps fishing line from tangling bowstring
  • Slide moves backwards after release to shock pad and stop screw
  • Does not affect arrow flight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Self cleaning
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