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Wilson - US Open 23 Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson - US Open 23 Junior Tennis Racquet

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Wilson US Open 23 Junior Tennis Racquet (Model #WRT20320U)


The Wilson US Open 23 Inch Junior Tennis Racket has been designed for boys and girls ages 7-8. They are best for beginner junior players who are new to tennis, but aspiring to become competitive in the near future. They feature lightweight aluminum composite frames that are easy to swing and have great playability.

It is a 23 inch long frame (27 is considered standard for an adult sized frame), the head size is 95 square inches (100 sq in. is standard on most adult frames), and it weighs 7.0 ounces (adult frames are typically 9.5-12oz). The 16x19 string pattern allows for larger squares in the stringbed, and this helps ‘bite’ more of the ball, which results in increased spin.

The US Open 23 features C-Beam frame construction / shape which adds to frame stability.

The vibrant, colorful frames stand out on the court.

Length: 23 inches
Strung Weight: 7.0 ounces
Head Size: 95 square inches
String Pattern: 16x19

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