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Wilson - US Open BLX Tennis Racquet

Wilson - US Open BLX Tennis Racquet

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Wilson US Open BLX Tennis Racquet (Model #WR082720U)


Sporting a design inspired by the trendy street art of New York, the Wilson US Open BLX Tennis Racquet combines a sleek look with dependable performance. A graphite composite frame material create increased stiffness for enhanced control, Iso-Zorb grommets reduce vibrations for cleaner feedback and strategically placed weight improves torsional stability for more consistent results. Featuring a lightweight construction for effortless swings, the US Open BLX turns heads on the court for good reason.

Sleek racket hoop design inspired by US Open
Graphite composition provides excellent mix of control, feel and power with strong construction
BLX - Basalt Carbon Fiber Composite reduces racket vibrations for better feel
Double Holes grommet technology offers more power and a larger sweet spot
Iso-Zorb grommets absorb shock for reduced vibrations
Perimeter Weighting System improves torsional stability
Midsized head provides enhanced feel and control
Cushion-Aire Grip lends more comfortable grip on racket handle

BLX - Basalt Carbon Fiber Composite: Woven basalt fibers filter out frequencies and vibrations for cleaner feedback and better feel upon impact with the ball.
Perimeter Weighting System: Weighting system increases frame volume at 3 & 9 for improved torsional stability and balance throughout the swing.|
Double Hole Technology: Larger grommet holes grant more string movement, generating extra power and creating greater ball pocketing for improved shock absorption.
Cushion-Aire Grip: Soft grip supplies excellent comfort on all shot varieties.
Parallel Drilling: Grommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot.
Composite: Mix of high-end composite materials create more stiffness for better control in a lightweight composition.

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